Be ready for wildfire

Identify your home's biggest burn risks and the top actions you can take to fix them  before the next wildfire.

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Will your home survive the next wildfire?

FireBreak guides you to inspect the most vulnerable areas of your home and property.

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The easiest way to increase your home's wildfire readiness

Based on your FireBreak self-inspection, the app gives you the top 3 actions you can take now to make your home safer from widfires.

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Discounts for wildfire-ready homes

FireBreak finds the most economical ways for you to reduce your risk exposure.

Your property is unique and so are your abilities and budget.

FireBreak wildfire controls are customized for you

In your hand

A 5-minute walk-around your property to take pictures of you everything you need.

Expert review

Personal attention from seasoned wildfire-exposed property managers and risk experts.

Simple steps

Result: An illustrated list of the top actions you can take to protect your most valued asset.


Resources for All of Us to Adapt to Climate Change.

Wildfire used to be a distant force of nature. Now, extended droughts and extreme rainfall have transformed wildfire into a present threat.

FireBreak is a company fueled by purpose. We’re a team of people who all live in areas highly-exposed to wildfire. We’re on a mission to reduce that risk with resources for physical and financial adaptation.

We believe everyone who takes preventative action should get the credit they deserve. Because each time we reduce our own risk, it also protects our neighbors and communities. 

FireBreak puts you in control. Identify the top actions for the most impact, and quantify their effect. Know your risk score, how to reduce it, and by how much. Share the data and tools with your neighbors. Your fire department. Your insurance company.

Wildfire may be contagious, but so is reducing risk. FireBreak gives all of us - ourselves as well as our communities - a fighting chance.


A Team with Experience, Conviction and Grit

We are founders who’ve built industry-disrupting startups that last.

We are catastrophe modelers who have deep knowledge of natural hazards.

We are problem solvers using technology and science to find new solutions to big issues.

We are insurance experts who’ve seen the havoc disasters can wreak on personal finances.

We are a team who’ve all had to overcome adversity at one time or another.

We are FireBreak, committed to helping individuals and communities resist the next wildfire.

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