Risk Control for Insurers and Homeowners

Mitigation and data to thrive in a dislocated market

Case Study
FireBreak was selected by South Shore Insurance Underwriters for risk mitigation and accurate property inspections along the Gulf Coast.

Visually guided mitigation

Mitigated homes are 40% more likely to survive a wildfire.
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Phone control
Leverage the most reliable, connected and distributed sensor network on Earth.
Thumbs up nudge
Generative AI
Data visualizations that nudge homeowners to mitigate.
Resilience win-win
Climate-adapted homes are more insurable.
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Levelled up mitigation means safer homes

Hassle-free self inspections

Fast, secure and thorough self-service technology.
No third-party scheduling
Reduce inspection time from weeks to days.
For new coverage or renewals
Pre-inspect before calling for an in-person inspection and post-inspect after recommendations are completed.
Fully-integrated with your data
Cloud-hosted high-resolution images delivered by API to your backend or via email, Excel spreadsheets or PDFs.
Time and space validation with GPS location and cellular clock checkpoints.
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Insure lower-risk homes

Don’t let the mitigated properties go elsewhere for coverage.

Partner with FireBreak to directly access conscientious property owners who mitigate their risk.

See how you can interact with customers and control risks to support finer pricing while lowering operating overhead.

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Levelled up mitigation means safer homes

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